Checking The Facts!

My opponent and his buddies are putting out so many misstatements, we need to give you a page where you can fact check and make your own decision.


  • Implying/stating I have been in office 20 years
  • Implying/stating that I breached term limits or do not support term limits

  • Stating that I voted for Obama's Stimulus Package in 2009



  • Asserting that I never did anything about illegal immigration, including sanctuary cities, illegals as criminals, or illegals receiving public benefits

The Truth:

  • I was in office for eight years as a County Commissioner (1998-2006) and for six years as a State Senator (2006-2012)
  • I never breached or skirted term limits (see above for dates of service) and as a pro-family private citizen, I helped pass Florida’s "Eight is Enough" Constitutional Amendment to require term limits for Florida’s elected officials.
  • My final vote on SB 2600 was NO on March 8, 2009. My yes vote from the month before was made before the Obama Stimulus Package was even accepted by Governor Charlie Crist and was solely to begin budget negotiations with the House.
  • In 2002, the County Commissioners officially rejected expanding the County’s healthcare insurance to cover illegal immigrants; I made the motion, voted for it and the motion passed. Source: Report to the BOCC on Non-citizens Department of Health & Social Services
    In 2006, I initiated an effort to require then Sheriff Gee to develop “a system whereby illegal aliens incarcerated in the Hillsborough County Jail System could be identified and subsequently transferred to the physical custody of” ICE. Sources: BOCC meeting transcriptJuly 25, 2006 letter from the desk of then-Sheriff David Gee