FACT CHECK:  MY OPPONENT AND HIS BUDDIES FLATLY MISSTATE MY VOTE ON THE OBAMA STIMULUS AND CRIST TAX INCREASE.  I VOTED NO.  VISIT MY FACT CHECK! PAGE FOR MORE INFO.   http://archive.flsenate.gov/cgi-bin/view_page.pl?Tab=session&Submenu=1&FT=D&File=session/2009/Senate/bills/votes/html/SSB26000508090002.html  

Ronda's Beliefs


Sponsored and passed Florida’s ultrasound bill

Pro Law and Order

Stopped pedophiles from using county library computers to access porn

Pro 2nd Amendment

Long time concealed carry permit holder

Pro Constitution & Term limits



Lobbied for and Voted for Originalist Jurists; vigorously opposed activist judges; helped pass Florida's Eight is Enough Constitutional Term Limit Amendment; 

Ronda's Record--Promises Kept

Independent Small Business Owner for 35 years

Created jobs in Hillsborough County

Adopt Strong Economic Policies Supporting Job Growth

Protected good paying ship repair jobs at the Port against job-killing special interests; Fought against crony capitalism

School Choice for Parents and Students

Voted for Increased school choice and school choice scholarships for underserved families

No Sanctuary Cities/click fact check! page above for more info

Voted against sanctuary-type protections for illegal criminals in Hillsborough County; fought to require illegal criminals in county jails be immediately transported to ICE; voted to bar illegal aliens from using county's taxpayer funded health insurance

Adopt Family-Strengthening Policies

Volunteered to help abused and neglected children as a Guardian Ad Litem

Shrink Government Spending/reduce taxes

Successfully cut salaries, retirement benefits and insurance benefits to Florida’s political class; voted for and passed 1.9 Billion middle class tax cut; successfully defeated increases to gas and sales tax; voted AGAINST the Obama Stimulus and AGAINST Crist tax increase

Protect Private Property Rights

Voted to roll back Florida’s property taxes; increased property tax breaks for property owners, indigent widows, and active duty military

Protect the Elderly and Vulnerable

Imposed stiffer penalties for criminals and frauds exploiting and abusing fragile elders, disabled people, and children